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أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم
I seek Allah’s protection from satan, the accursed one

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Mercy & Noor

In the name of Allah Subhana-wa-ta’ala we help people who suffer from spritual problem, suffer from exorcism, suffer from anxiety, sleeping disorders, suffer from emotional control, suffer from concentration, suffer from voice in the brain like machine in the head, suffer from depression and so much more!

What we do can have many interpretations

Ruqya Sharia
Spiritual Healing
Energy Healing
Contact Healing
Natural Healing
Mystical Healing
Absent Healing
Voice Healing
ESP Healing

We Do NOT Use

We do NOT do or use magic, dark energy, cast out devil by using devil/jinn, associate partners to the Almighty or, seek help from anyone besides the Almighty

We Help Humans

Heal from physical illnesses to mental & psychological health issues, and, remove demons, jinns, black magic, unclean sprits, evil eye, witchcraft, and much more!

We Use

We utilize (Noor) light/pure energy by praying to Almighty, believe Almighty alone cures everything, seek help ONLY from the Almighty and, we ask Almighty to send us energy to cure/heal


We are here to help to make human beings successful in their life Allah Subhana wa ta’ala will help us help others


Heal Unseen

  • We help remove & free the human body from demons, jinns, unclean sprits, black magic, hasad (evil eye), juju magic, vodoo magic, witchcraft, obanji/ogbanje, water spirits, spritual husbands / spritual wives, freemasonry, the occult and anything (unseen) bad.

Heal Mental & Physical

  • We help heal mental & physical illnesses such as epilepsy, schizophrenia, depression, verbal and emotional abuse, pain, trauma, voices in the head (Dissociate Identity Disorder / Multiple Personality Disorder / MPD / DID / BPD / ADHD /OCD / CDD) and many more


Symptoms Indicating Illness

We have listed below most common symptoms a person may experience when afflicted by unseen
Remember you can have yourself assessed to be 100% sure if you need healing

Physical Symptoms

  • Migraines
  • joint pain
  • Chronic pain
  • Irritable bowel, digestion challenges
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  • Prescription toxicity (e.g. symptoms of chemotherapy, peginterferon)
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Lyme disease
  • Cold limbs, low circulation
  • Auto-immune dysfunction
  • Sleeplessness, chronic fatigue
  • Hot flashes
  • Post-surgery pain and/or recovery
  • Scar tissue pain and restricted movement
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Endometriosis and fibroids

Wants & Needs Symptoms

  • Eating imbalances
  • Self-abusive behavior
  • Wanting more success in relationships
  • Needing to find new career or get out of a rut
More Info
  • Desire to stop being stuck in a fight, flight or freeze response
  • Letting go of an ex-partner
  • Having a strong mental commitment, but continuing to make poor choices
  • “I have this thing…” that nobody can figure out
  • Do you need to stop the impact of your past experiences on your present life?

Black Magic

  • Inability to have sexual intercourse with one’s spouse.
  • Frequent miscarriage for pregnant women.
  • Sudden change in behavior without obvious reason.
  • Starting arguments with loved ones over small issues.
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  • Complete loss of appetite for food.
  • Thinking or imagining one has done something when in reality one has not.
  • Sudden obedience and/or love for a particular person.
  • Constant stomach aches due to eating something which may have contained the blackmagic.
  • Seeing dreams of voodoo dolls resembling yourself or your family members.
  • Seeing dreams of someone digging the ground or burying objects like needles, threads, dolls, cloths etc.
  • Noticing a difference within yourself or family in terms of appearance, behavior, loss of wealth after an argument or dispute with someone (most often relatives)
  • Not being able to find a suitable partner for marriage after rejecting a proposal where the other party was very keen on the marriage.
  • Dislike of one’s spouse, that by which they cause separation between a man and his wife
  • Different attitude in the house from that which is outside the house. For example, a person will feel that he is missing his family when is outside the house but when he goes home, love changes quickly to extreme hatred without any apparent reason.

Emotional Symptoms

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Fear of bridges, driving, water etc.
  • Nightmares
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  • Feeling lethargic
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Obsessive compulsive distorders
  • Anger management
  • Post Traumatic Stress Injuries
  • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) in adults and children

Jinn Possession

  • Twitching in any part of the body
  • Frequent nightmares during sleep
  • Feeling of a small creature crawling under the skin
  • Repeated wet dreams (of a sexual nature and waking up with discharge)
More Info
  • Seeing any type of snakes or dogs in your dreams. Snakes.with two stripes on its back has great significance.
  • Strong repulsion when hearing/reciting Quran, Adhan (call for prayers) or Old Testament Bible.
  • Episodes of losing consciousness and/or epileptic attacks, especially when reciting holy book on the possessed person.
  • Loss of eyesight or blurred vision
  • Not succeeding in efforts to get married, repeatedly failing to do so
  • Talking to oneself and not understanding why you are talking
  • Being chased by shadow like figures in your dreams
  • Staring at the mirror for long periods
  • Tendency to avoid people accompanied by out of the norm or anti social behavior
  • The jinn who possesses the person may speak when Holy book is recited on the possessed person.

The Envious Eye

  • Darkening under the eyes
  • Becoming pale
  • Permanent headaches
  • Spots under the skin
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  • Noticing a difference within yourself in terms of appearance, behavior, commitments or losing a blessing after receiving a lot of compliments.
  • Unexplainable anger towards family and close ones.
  • Not being able to complete tasks and seeing the time passing by too fast.
  • Hot and could flushes for no reason
  • Tightened chest
  • Appearance of spots and boils on the body/ face
  • Tiredness/ Laziness
  • Insomnia
  • Waswasah (constant whispering)
  • Putting on weight without necessarily eating more
  • Unexplainable darkening of the skin
  • Cases of Cancer and other physical illnesses can often be related to the Envious Eye.
  • Some cases of Psychological conditions such as delusion and fear
  • Forgetfulness and becoming overly tired/sleepy while studying, reading Quran or going to school etc
  • Headaches
  • Allergies, rhinitis and sinusitis
  • Sneezing a lot for no reason
  • Cold/ flu
  • Hair Loss
  • Pains at the mouth of the stomach which doctors cannot explain
  • The desire to get out of the house or hatred in staying indoors
  • The feeling of death and despair
  • seeing dead people in your sleep, lizards or cats
  • Physical ailments which doctors cannot explain and going from one problem to another
  • Seeing ants in the house
  • Children crying constantly for no reason
  • Joint problems
  • Anxiety
  • Anti-social behaviour against their own relatives
  • Turning away with aversion against anybody
  • Laziness
  • Heavy shoulders ​

Talk To Us

we are available via phone & EMAIL

We got multiple language support including English, French, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Telugu, Kannada so it’s easier than ever to Say Hello!

Get Healed

Once your case is approved
healing session will be scheduled

Minor issues may require just one healing session, complex healing sessions can run for several days to weeks.

Pay It Forward

We do wish you all the best
Do ensure to pay goodness forward

After you are healed, it’s time to let others in need know about us, we wish you all the very best in health!.

People Of All Faiths & No Faith Are Equally Welcome!

A believer in any religion, just a believer in science, an atheist, just a spiritual person, someone who believes in higher power or just a person who believes in humanity, someone we mentioned & someone we missed mentioning, all are equally welcome!

What Is Ruqya Prayer Healing

‘Ruqya’ is treatment using the Quran and utilizing the knowledge & words permissible in the Quran which have healing effects and are used to cure numerous illnesses.


Exorcism in Islam is called ruqya, exorcisms are performed to expel jinns (demons), hasad (envy) and several other unseen alignments from the body. People around the world use Ruqya to treat their illnesses effectively and are being cured by the will of Almighty Allah.

Ruqya can be done by anyone and is effective as long as the person has firm faith and trust on Almighty Allah. However in certain cases it requires a great deal of knowledge, skill and effort to deal with more complicated cases, it is more than just simple prayers.


The more spiritually connected the healer is to the creator, the more effective his or her Ruqya will be and as a result, Allah will be more likely use them as a means to cure people.


Healing Options

In-House Healing

Typically we would see you at our house @ West Hartford, CT

Healing By Phone

Phone healing sessions is a possibility for minor issues

Skype / WhatApp / Viber / FaceTime

When we recommend you a video healing session please make sure to have high speed internet connection

“Worldwide Healing”

Healing Session Are Effective In Any Part of The World!

International & National Healing 

We can approve cases that require us to travel internationally or domestically.

If you come to us @ our in house healing center usually there is no charge, but it depends from case to case, when it involves traveling then it involves other things such as logistics, accommodation, food, etc., and it varies from location to location.

Aamof when you submit a request for us to travel to you, we may at times ask you to travel to us instead, if not avoid the travel if it can be healed via phone/video call. Everything is dependent on a case to case basis.

We are with you along the journey no matter of the duration

Healing Duration

Healing sessions vary from case to case, some cases just require one session to heal while some cases might require just a couple of additional sessions to multiple visits varying from days to weeks, no matter of the duration it may take to heal you, we are with you along the journey!


It depends on case to case, sometimes healing sessions are for an hour or more than an hour, sometimes we have to travel, all these are time consuming things that’s why we say it depends on case to case, at times for minor cases we have healed people for free but there are conditions to why the treatment was free, at this point why don’t you get yourself assessed FREE of charge? We’ll take it from there! Sounds good?


Our Vision & Mission Is Healing For The Human Being

A To get satisfaction of the Almighty via supporting and helping each other striving to make paradise on earth along the way, one person at a time to pave way to pay it forward for the benefit of the humanity so we an have a meaningful & fulfilling life.

We believe service to humanity is service to the Almighty.

We Buy Haunted Houses &  Cleanse Material Things!


Paranormal Activity?  Hard time selling or renting the property? Let us evict bad sprits, jinns, demons out of your home! We do it for a living!


We work from human soul to material (need we say more?) truly a total healing power for the seen and the unseen for living beings and properties.


General Process


Step 1 | Contact Us
We would like to discuss and understand whether you are affected and need healing, sometimes a person may NOT be affected at all so we would like to rule that out as a first step.
Step 2 | Approval & Appointment Confirmation
After the initial contact, we will let you know if we approved your case.

Case approved? Congratulations! this means we believe you are most likely to get healed so keep faith that you are indeed in the right direction to getting healed, at this time we usually recommend to just make a small prayer to the Almighty to give success in the healing session. Even if you are a non-believer, just a believer in science, an atheist, spiritual person, someone who believes in higher power or, just a person who believes in humanity then just remember we are working for the betterment of the humanity so at the very least keep an open mind to see where things go, stay positive is all we are asking.

“Please mark the appointment on your calendar as soon as you get the healing session confirmation”.

Note | Keep Dress Code Handy
We by ourselves can cure nothing, healing is ONLY by the will of the Almighty, so, during these sessions we like to adhere to the ‘dress code’ standards set by the Almighty in respective religions.
We are dealing with the unseen and there are certain rules, conditions we need to adhere to. You are free to chose any dress you prefer as long as it meets the following standards:


Cover everything in lose fitting clothing, it is not required to cover your hands, face and feet
But, cover your head and hair; by any piece of clothing, does NOT ‘have to’ be a scarf

Best examples:
Christian? Wear clothes like Mother Mary
Muslim? Wear Abaya / Burqa
Jewish? Wear Traditional/Orthodox/Tzniut dress

Desi? Shalwar Kameez/Kurta Pajama is acceptable with a dupatta/odni

Please let us know if you do NOT have lose fitting full clothing and head covering/scarf

— MEN —

Wear formal or casual dress (Do NOT hear half pants, try wearing full sleeves shirt)

Recommended to wear a cap. Let us know if you do NOT have a cap

— UNISEX, LGBTQ & Etc., —

Wear the dress code of the sex you were born with

Example: If you were a born female, follow dress code for Women

Do NOT hesitate to contact us if you got any questions.

Step 3 | Be Prepared For Hickups
Not always but sometimes depending on the severity of your case, these invisible creatures will cause hurdles as soon as you confirm the appointment, their intention will be to do anything in order to STOP you from making it to the healing session! They know they will be evicted from your body if you make it to the healing session, do NOT let them succeed, cancel anything and everything that may stop you or may push you to delay the appointment, do NOT we repeat do NOT let them succeed even in baby steps, have strong determination in your mind that no matter what you will make it here, once you make it to the appointment we can it from here but be here even if you can NOT follow the dress code, can NOT keep clean or could NOT bring anyone with you or anything else, just be here on time please, we got extra dresses, food, water and mostly anything you may need with us at all times.

You will need to be careful from negative thoughts, negative energy, negative people, negative words, bad things going around you, these unseen things begin with injecting negative thoughts, emotions. These invisible creatures first try to use you to stop yourself from making it, and if you are strong enough or committed to making it to the healing appointment then they will cause you physical pains, illnesses and what not, if you are still committed then they will use other people around you including your relatives, friends, colleagues, strangers who will again try to stop you via baby steps or arguments – now that you know you will notice. Just be here, do NOT lose.

Feel free to keep us posted of how things are going around you, if everything’s good which we hope it would be then great, if not just send an email if something out of the norm happens even if you feel small issues may NOT be worth mentioning still do mention it we will let you know if we see a concern with anything.

Step 4 | Understand Formalities & Set Correct Expectations
MEDICAL REPORTS: For certain cases we may request medical reports, if you were requested for one, this would be the time to submit a copy.

WAIVER: We take the signature on a waiver form due to legal requirements, just like a hospital would.

CAMERA: We ONLY perform healing sessions on camera this means audio and video WILL be recorded for documentation purpose. We can of course blur or sensor your face if you so prefer. We do NOT perform without a camera.

BE PREPARED TO STAY LONGER: We can NOT put a timer on the healing sessions; some healing sessions can be completed on time while others might take substantially longer to complete so you will have to wait for your turn. We aim to keep the appointment on time, however sometimes waiting period can be from 30 minutes to a few hours.

No Guarantees: It is important to know, we do NOT guarantee anything, that’s because we can NOT guarantee anything, you are cured purely by Almighty’s will, we ONLY pray, it is he who cures, not us, if he wills you will be cured just like almost everyone who gets cured during our sessions.

Step 5 | Be Here & Relax
It’s your time for the appointment? Great, then just be here, at this point nothing else matters more than you showing up for the appointment.

Relax we got you from here, do not worry if you were NOT able to follow the dress code or not able to get someone with you or anything, just be here.


Note 1 | Try To Get Someone With You

It’s a great idea to get someone who you trust along with you to our healing session, someone could be a relative/sibling (mahram) or a close friend because in rare cases the healing sessions can turn out to be exorcism sessions, not always, but there is always that possiblity).

Note 2 | Keep Body Clean

Please keep your body clean of impurities, odors, bad breadth – the unseen creatures that cause harm love dirty places, foul smells, bad body odors. On the other side Angels love cleanliness. Be clean, you are coming near something that is Holy.

On the day, preferably right before your commute to the healing session take a shower from head to toe with the intention of cleansing & cleaning yourself from impurities so to bring purity to your body, if for some reason you are unable to take a shower right before coming down to the healing session then please at the very least take a shower as close to the appointment time as you can.

If you are a Muslim then after taking a bath try to perform Wudu (Wazoo, Oozu)
If you are a Christian and know how to perform Ablution then do it after taking the cleansing bath

Note 3 | Help Others

After you are healed, do not keep us a secret, spread the word about us and help others get healtier. That’s it, we’re all set!

Write Us

We usually respond within 24 hours.

12 + 12 =

(860) 264-4777

Working Hours

10 am to 5 pm 


Mailing Address

business correspondence only
BERLIN, CT 06037 (USA)


Visiting Address

Healing session @ West Hartford ct by appointment only
up on approval of your case the address may be emailed to you